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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Crookes

My brother George is lead singer and bass player of the up and coming British band, The Crookes. The Sheffield based band have already successfully completed a number of UK tours as well as playing a number of british festivals such as Reading and Leeds, Secret Garden Party and Latitude. They are currently in Europe playing exciting new venues and cities every night. I can only imagine what an amazing experience they are all having!

Whilst in Holland the band did an interview and live performance for a local radio show. They were asked to cover a recent pop song, a bit like Radio 1's Live Lounge. They chose Adele's, Rolling in the Deep'.

Have a listen... It's just lovely. x

The Crookes live cover of Adele's, 'Rolling in the Deep'.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Home Staright...

Its almost only a week until i finish my second year at uni! This year has been jam packed with challenging projects including our business module, competitions and contextual studies. Now we're in the final two weeks and the pressure is on. The judges from the Wallpaper History Society will be coming into the studios tomorrow morning to look at our collections. There is a really good standard of work throughout the studio so the competition is strong but hopefully mine will stand out.

Heres an image of one of my pieces from the collection in situ.

At this scale the designs look really impressive. I really like the quality of colour and the structural forms throughout. The whole collection embodies a british summer with beautiful blooms and brilliant colours. I am really pleased with my final collection.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Plodding on . . .

Since my last post, my project has changed direction swiftly. I began by looking at the human body and things gory!! I really liked this subject matter as it contained beautiful natural patterns. I was also really interested in the structures within these substances and how they had been formed. However, after playing around with a few images I decided that the subject wasn't going to provide me with enough source material to work from unless I went out and became a scientist for a week!

So, seeing as I am also entering this project into the Wallpaper History Society competition, I decided to look at age old florals. Always a winner in printed textiles! I found they encompassed much of the same qualities as the cells and substances i had looked at previously. I spent a few days taking lots of pictures and then I got aquatinted with Photoshop. Heres a few more I have played around with. I am a lot happier with these designs.



Copyright Daisy Waite.
This style of reflection really works well with such colourful and beautifully formed flowers. I am on the right track now and I just need to keep working away until i have a collection of six that I am really happy with!