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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Plodding on . . .

Since my last post, my project has changed direction swiftly. I began by looking at the human body and things gory!! I really liked this subject matter as it contained beautiful natural patterns. I was also really interested in the structures within these substances and how they had been formed. However, after playing around with a few images I decided that the subject wasn't going to provide me with enough source material to work from unless I went out and became a scientist for a week!

So, seeing as I am also entering this project into the Wallpaper History Society competition, I decided to look at age old florals. Always a winner in printed textiles! I found they encompassed much of the same qualities as the cells and substances i had looked at previously. I spent a few days taking lots of pictures and then I got aquatinted with Photoshop. Heres a few more I have played around with. I am a lot happier with these designs.



Copyright Daisy Waite.
This style of reflection really works well with such colourful and beautifully formed flowers. I am on the right track now and I just need to keep working away until i have a collection of six that I am really happy with!

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