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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kaleidoscope Eyes ...

After a lovely relaxing two weeks at home, i am back up north and back to work! I've started to look at repeating some of the photos i took of the medical prints we found as well as some floral photos i took at Hilliers in Romsey. Here are the first few sample prints i've been playing around with.

This was created from cropping the original photo which was of the whole head. I repeated this horizontally and vertically to make a symmetrical unit which i could then go onto repeat again if i wanted.

I am really pleased with the first few designs. They are only simple but i think this is what makes them so visually exciting. I have also started to play around with some of the images i got from Hilliers. The colours in these are gorgeous!

I think when my designs are finally printed onto the roll they will look really impressive. Scale is a big factor in terms of these prints being successful. Too small and all the detail is lost but then too big and the repeat is almost too simple. I want to find the perfect balance of complexity and detail combined with colour, form and a hint of structure!

Copyright Daisy Waite

These are different in many ways to the human body repeats. Even though they don't have as much outlined detail, the organic forms and beautiful coloration provide enough visually to create a stunning repeat. The florals are a lot easier to envisage in peoples homes on walls as opposed to the human body repeats. I would like to think that other creative people would appreciate the intricacy and complexity created through such simple methods. This contrast of imagery and process in itself is something i find interesting.

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  1. I love them all. The first one has a William Morris feel about it probably because of the colours
    Love mumx