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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Oh Darling...

In my Jewellery elective in first year, i experimented with lots of exciting techniques which had various different visual effects on the metals we were using such as copper and aluminium. Many of these were chemical based, changing the appearance and colour of the surface. However, i much preferred creating different textures and surface patternation with my hands and certain tools. In particular, the dappled effect where a round headed hammer is used to create small dints, was one of my favourites. I also loved the look that the letter stamps gave. I quite liked the imperfections this process created.

Dalring, stamped and dappled aluminium.
This was intended and proposed to be a bangle which i would wear if the material was stronger. Because its fairly weak and malleable, i just have it on my wall with my growing collage of pretty little things!

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