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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Innovation (Part Two).

For the second part of our first project in second year i designed four prints aimed at being fabrics for fashion. They are taken from detailed imagery of all kinds of feathers which i continued working with after the first stage of the project. I love the way feathers are so intricately structured yet beautifully organic in shape and form. This contrast of different line is something i find really interesting.

I found this arrangement of feathers still in tact on the forest floor.
It lends itself so well to the body, either placed on the shoulder or
as an accessory on a hairband or a bags etc.

These peacock fethares have such amazing colours. I also really
liked the way there is structure to them however its quite organic, not
too rigid.

I wanted to collect a variety of feathers to use for drawing and to scan in and magnify. I found some gorgeous things in the woods at Raywell.

 I began by cropping the photographs i liked into small blocks to use in repeat. I used Photoshop to mirror and symmetrically repeat the original 'units' and began building the prints. Here are the finished four.

This design is by far my favourite. The peachy layer adds
a feel of age and delicacy which i love. I also entered this
piece into the Bradford Textile Society Competition in the
Fashion Fabrics category.

Copyright Daisy Waite 2011

I am really pleased with the final designs and they look absolutely stunning printed on silk. The colours are so vibrant and the emphasized structure is beautifully detailed. There is something about the symmetry of repetition that i love. I'm not sure what it is but i will definitely use this innovative style of repeat again. I think it suits detailed and almost analytical / scientific imagery.

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