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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Design Direction... Playing with cells!!

As i am looking so closely into the workings of the human body i widened my subject matter slightly so i could look at microorganisms, cells and bacterial substances. These samples can often be really visually exciting when magnified and the colours that appear are quite surprising. I have always been interested in the cross over between art and science and i feel that textiles and print are two of the best mediums to portray this subject.

I have always admired the work of Anne Wilson whose work focuses heavily on biological matter. One of my favourite pieces of hers is typologies. Made with numerous textile/ craft processes.


This beautiful depiction of what might otherwise be seen as quite repulsive and unusual subject matter is stunning. I love the intricacy, the crafting of the piece, the link back to the traditions of textile techniques and the bold contrast between the black of the thread and the white of the board. This emphasizes the fundamentals in science, unlike art, it is either right or wrong.

Using cropped areas of magnified images of biological matter, i have played around with ways of repeating and manipulating the original unit to create a good design. I have only done a few so far...

I am pleased with the outcomes of these trials and i think these will give me better quality colour than if i added it to my drawings as a block layer. I still want to try and incorporate some of my drawing into the final designs, i just haven't worked out how to do so yet!

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