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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Our summer project before starting second year was to design and make an object keeping the idea of 'Up cycling' in mind. I really enjoyed this mini project, i have always loved scavenging and rummaging around charity shops for interesting pieces whether they're textiles or not. I chose to use vintage ceramics, mainly small pieces such as saucers with beautifully aged designs already printed on. My final piece was a hand painted saucer to which i added 'LOVE'.

Whilst trying to find the perfect piece to print on, my mum gave me a saucer which she had also found in a charity shop. I love the slightly faded imagery and visible surface cracks. I find objects so much more desirable and precious if they have a history or a narrative.

Event hough i really love these ceramic pieces, my own design work is quite opposite in style. I sometimes wonder how this can be but i think i just take inspiration from separate elements such as the colours, individual floral forms, and quality of line.

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