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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Illamasqua 'Sacred Hour' Collection.

In true style, the new ‘Sacred Hour’ Collection from Illamasqua is beautifully mythical and playfully sinister, inspired by the enchanting hours of dusk and dawn.

Enriching the current trend in beauty of mystery, magic and superstition, Illamasqua have created a collection to rival similar products now available on the counters of Dior and Chanel.

The ‘Sacred Hour’ collection is gloriously rich, exuding a sense of the super natural, most successfully in the Nail Polish’s. ‘Hemlock’ and ‘Facet’ represent dusk and dawn perfectly. Both colours include an opalescent finish adding to the magic of the polish and magnifying the luster of the pigment within. ‘Hemlock’ is a luxurious charcoal tone, scattered with shimmering flecks of bronze and gold. This polish is like painting the most beautifully clear nights sky, infused with magical star dust onto your nails. This nail polish really is mesmerizing, perfect for a romantic dinner or a winter ball.

The second colour ‘Facet’ is equally dazzling and would be perfect for a winter wonderland wedding. The pale, pearl grey, with a peony pink warmth dancing throughout creates a delightfully soft yet striking polish.

The centre piece of the collection is the ‘Perfection’ palette for the eyes. A rich quad of water resistant cream shadows which produce a shimmering finish. The colours are perfectly pigmented allowing you to blend and build to your hearts desire, whether you want a soft ethereal finish or a more dramatic look.

To adorn the cheeks, Illamasqua have included two cream blushers. ‘Sleek’ is a gorgeously delicate, apricot peach tone, great for English Rose skin types. ‘Peaked’ is a lovely, aged damson pink, evoking feelings of long summer nights spent sipping damson gin and cloudy lemonade.

The deliciously dark ‘Feather’ lashes will intensify the look and give the eyes great definition. These hand made false lashes bring to mind thoughts of the supernatural as they lengthen natural lashes beyond belief whilst looking wispy and delicate.

To complete the look, why not finish with a bold lip to contrast against the light metallic eye. Illamasqua have created a creamy textured, opaque finish lipstick in a deep, charming cerise colour named ‘Shard’. With a slight stain, this lip colour will last all night.

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