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Thursday, 12 April 2012

All Things Bright and Beautiful

The first project of third year focussed on British flora and fauna with emphasis on their botanical nature. I thoroughly enjoyed this project as it was the first time i used my own drawings within final designs. Previously i wasnt confident enough to feature my drawings in my work but this project allowed me time to get into a specific style which suited my concept.

I began by drawing from still life, photographs and a number of amazing botanical books. The Concise British Flora in Colour became my bible with each page illustrated beautifully with a new species of flower. If i had another copy, i would tear out the pages and use them as wallpaper they are that lovely!

Inspired by my bible and other books, botanical documentation and collected flora, i plunged into the world of botany carrying out drawing, experimentation and processes like a scientist. Funnily enough, i really enjoyed this way of working and i have continued to work this way ever since. Here are a few pictures of my drawings from the early stages of the project.

I continued to draw looking closely at composition and referencing the traditional  botanical documentation of flora and fauna throughout. I developed my style into creating composite motifs bursting with different elements. I think these drawings are really successful in their own right but also lend themsleves well to being repeated or used as statement pieces on scarves and tiles etc.

Once i had decided this was the direction i was going to continue following, i began experimenting with colour palettes. After trying various methods of application of colour, i achieved the best finish with Pantone Letraset markers. The colour aplettes were intended to reference the accurate colours found within the flora and fauna with a few tones added to give more of a contemporary feel.

At this stage in the project i was intending for these delicate drawn designs to become my main final collection. As it turned out, these became one off fabric prints which inspired further drawing for a slightly different, more CAD based collection. Even though they are different, both collections incorporate botanical drawings and references using the same body of flora and fauna, it is just the way in which they are presented that differs.

The final designs from the second collection are bright and lively echoing the concept of the whole project, 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'. I am really pleased with the colours and style of repeats i have generated.

All Designs Copywright Daisy Waite 2012.

These collection sheets outline which designs sat in what collection as well as providing the colours used within them. This made it easier for both myself and others to recognise designs within collections. The final stage, after i had finished designing was to drape my designs into settings and onto objects in the interiors market. I always love this stage.

Seeing my work draped in scenarios such as these is really rewarding. I would love to be able to manafacture and print designs like these one day for purpose rather than just proposing ideas!

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