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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Final Major Project !

Final major prject has finally arrived and is already going far too fast! It's bitter sweet really, i'm looking forward to not stressing about image sizes, wonky headers and PPD although at the same time, once its gone i will miss the uni life, Paul and Julie and i will have to find something else to write daily lists for!!

My final major project is an extension of all the best aspects of my previous project 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'. I found a really efficient way of working in this project so i am going to stick to this as well as my subject matter. I want to focus again of British flora and fauna paying close attention to botanical styles of documentation. Unlike the majority of my last project, i want my final major project to be a celebration of my skills in print and CAD combined rather than just CAD. I want to create a beautifully crisp and delicate collection combining traditional subject matter and processes with contemporary colour palettes and presentation.

At the moment i am intending for the designs to be printed onto paper and fabric, both for use within interiors. I am also playing around with the idea of producing designs for homewares as i always much prefer the look of my designs on functional objects rather than walls or curtains.

The initial stages of FMP will be consumed with documenting real life british flora and fauna. I will also be forraging for specimens to draw, print with and preserve. This intial stage will hopefully provide me with a varied body of imagery to work with in the later design stages.

Crocus's picked from Hyde Park

Dissected flower head.

Botanical style dissection and layout.

These initial photographs represent the botanical style of documentation i am aiming to achieve in my designs as well as the colours i want to use and the crisp, delicate quality of the florals. From here i am going to collect further flora and fauna to print with so i can experiment with different processes. As well as that i am going to play around with lettering and try to press some of my favourite collected pieces to use in the later design stages.

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