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Friday, 20 April 2012

Cream of the Crop!

Having foraged and collected a wide variety of specimens to print with on wednesday, i printed a number of pieces yesetrday which i am really pleased with. Here are a few quick shots of my favourite pieces. They'e not quite dry yet so unfortunately, i haven't been able to scan them in.. I am really looking forward to designing with them.

All imagery is Copyright Daisy Waite, 2012.

I love the crisp line and form achieved when printing with real flora and fauna in the press. The natural colours which seep into the paper due to the pressure of printing are beautigul and add that extra bit of life to the prints. When i get into designing with these, i wont be manipulating them very much at all. I want to keep the repeats as simple as possible so the prints can be seen in all their glory.

I also played around with creating a few textures which could possibly used for backgrounds or extra fill in certain areas. I really like the marks that were made as a surface textuer on their own and can see them working well with just a few simple specimens printed ontop perhaps in a ditsy floral style.

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