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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Foraging for Flora and Fauna in the rain!

Having used a lot of my prints already in designs, i need to briefly go back to the print room to generate some more imagery to designs with. I wanted to use similar plants and flowers to keep in touch with the theme and also so that the final collection is cohesive. Some of the florals i picked a while ago when it wasn't raining so much. The natural colours, patterns and textures are inspiring.

Scanning in a few pieces

Today, i went to Kirkstall in the rain to forage for some fauna with beautiful textures and form. I was amazed how much stuff i came home with! My house currently looks like a botanical museum with dissected plants and flowers covering any surface! I wanted to get a good quantity of quality pieces to print with as often once you have printed with a pieces once, they either tear when removing them from the printing plate or they curl up and dry out very quickly. Here are a few images of what i found. Hopefully i can start printing with some of my crop tomorrow!

All imagery Copyright Daisy Waite, 2012. 

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