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Monday, 30 April 2012

New Designs for New Designers!!

Having been selected for New Designers i have found a new lease of confidence whilst designing. I feel a lot more confident in my over all authority as a designer to both make important decisions and trust my own judgements! With this new found motivation, i have created a small group of designs i am really pleased with, some which may potentially feature in my final show! All of these designs below are made up entirely of my original prints. These were created using hand picked flora and fauna, composed botanically onto an inked plate and pressed to create the imprint. I am so pleased i have been able to use a 'by hand' process in my FMP as i personally really value hand crafted design of any medium. I have taken the original prints further using photoshop, making as little alterations to the original as possible to create beautifully crisp and intricate wall coverings. Here are a few examples of my favourite pieces.

Original Pressed Print with natural colours.

Designs above and below are also from
original prints which have been inverted
using Photoshop.

All imagery is copyright Daisy Waite 2012.

I am most pleased with the inverted pieces as they are a really innovative and unusual take on the way classical/ traditional botanical printing would usually be executed. This regeneration of botanical printing is something i am really pleased with and both of these prints are highly likely to be used as drops in my final show and at New Designers!

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