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Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Darling Dissertation!

Just thought i would post a little bit about my dissertation as it makes up for quite a large amount of marks in the end total of our degree and i actually really enjoyed it! At first i was torn between art used within prisons as a means of helping inmates to express their angst and inner torments and the debate over 'Art vs Science'. The later of the topics i found particularly interesting as the subject of science is often subconsciously incorporated within my deisngs. I am still unsure whether i do this because of the similairies found within natural structures and those which make up textile fibres and eventually patterns etc. After much thought, i decided to focus on a topic which almost encapsulated both of my initial subjects. My title was,

"Creativity as Therapy. Using Art to treat Trauma'

Under this topic i researched a vast amount of sub-headings. My first chapter explained the use and capacities of creativity as a form of therapy. It explored the ways in which creativity could help those suffering from traumatic events overcome such difficulties without having to speak about it. Creativity allows people to express themselves and re-visit traumatic memories in a safe environment. The act of making is therapeutic in itself and used by many Art Therapists as a tool of expression.

The second chapter was a case study focussing on the well known artist Van Gogh who suffered a variety of traumatic experinces eventually leading to conditions such as Epilepsy and Schitzophrenia. His story outlined the benefits of creativity and underpinned its success as even in the days of Van Gogh people were using creativity as the earliest form of Therapy.

The final chapter looked at contemporary artists suffering from mental health issues caused by trauma. This chapter allowed me to emphasise the importance of well-being in society today and to really try to make people aware of mental health and know that you can talk about it. The dissertation also looked closely at the link between cretaivity and insanity, eventually arguing that heightened levels of creativity could lead to episodes of psychosis and lucidity. This knowledge available today means that people in places of education and within the design industry are aware of such potential influences to mental health and are therefore able to mointor vulnerable people closely.

I found the whole process of researching and writing my dissertation really rewarding. I loved the subject i was writing about and found a change of process really refreshing. Art Therapy is something i will always be interested in and possibly something i will look into getting involved with. For now though it's back to the drawing board and onto Final Major Project!!!

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