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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Botanical Printing...

Having decided i am going to use my prints within my designs for my main collection, i headed back down to the print room to generate some more imagery to work with! This time i wanted to work on a larger scale, putting more effort into the quality of the print so that less effort is needed when designing. I used a wide variety of flora and fauna freshly picked yesterday and kept in mind botanical documentation and composition all the time. Here's a sneak peak at how i got on!

Fauna arranged carefully on the print plate.

Lovely variety of elements within each print.

Print plate after first pressing, ready for a second!

Hopefully my prints will dry crisp and detailled allowing me to use them for my wallpaper collection. I am especially pleased with two i printed today. Their composition, vairety of scale and colour all work beautifully. Hopefully i can create beautiful wallpapers from this batch!

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